Why Shoe Slydes?

What’s the quickest way to ruin a fine pair of shoes?  Crush the heel counter.  Inserting your foot into a fine shoe hastily might permanently damage your shoe.  A creased and crushed heel counter not only takes away from the appeal of a shoe but also severely limits the opportunity to recraft and repair a fine shoe.

Using a shoe horn is the best way to protect your shoe’s heel counter.  You most likely have a shoe horn at home but chances are you don’t have a shoe horn with you at other times.  If you need to remove your shoes when you enter someone’s home or when you change shoes to workout, carrying a Shoe Slyde in your wallet, pocket, or bag will allow you to carefully and elegantly put your premium shoes back on.

Shoe Slydes are tapered to slide easily into your shoe and the rigid yet slightly flexible construction allows your foot to comfortably and elegantly enter your shoe.  The tasteful graphics found on either side of a Shoe Slyde makes them a pleasure to carry daily in order to protect your footwear investment.